The Y Generation and expatriation : an unusual case for us !

Born with internet and social medias, she usually already moved for Erasmus, or with the parents, gap years… This generation doesn’t fear to be sending away.

Perfectly adaptable, they are not looking for a particular comfort, they are willing to leave for short or long missions, without hesitations, and with one goal : to experiment something new !

They are capable of leaving right away, at 300 km or 10000km, it doesn’t matter!

Not very demanding, this generation? Oh yes they are!

  • Countries without network are not a possibility!
  • If they are involved in a relationship, they will usually make sure that their companion can follow them along with their job. This is a « us » generation, and not a « me and myself » generation anymore! Sometimes, the job is also more important than the relationship, if the person is very young and not yet married.
  • Finally, when they come back from the expatriation, this generation will go elsewhere if the company doesn’t fit his requierments ! And « elsewhere » can be EVERYWHERE in the world !

In those conditions, it is hard to optimize the return on investment of a geographic mobility for the human ressources!