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Sofime grows and internalizes immigration!

🚀 🚀 🚀 Ravies d’accueillir Violette / Happy to welcome Violette !🚀 🚀 🚀 

🇫🇷 Elle vient consolider notre équipe en intervenant sur toutes les questions liées à l’immigration. 

Internaliser les prestations immigration, c’est offrir à nos clients davantage de flexibilité et d’efficacité et de réactivité!

Diplômée d’un Master en Droit Social « mobilité des travailleurs », Violette a fait ses armes dans l’un des plus grands cabinets internationaux d’immigration puis dans une grande agence spécialisée dans la mobilité internationale.

Non seulement elle est une experte en immigration, mais elle excelle dans l’accélération du traitement des dossiers et les prises de rendez-vous consulat / à la préfecture en urgence : rien ne lui échappe, elle défend bec et ongles les dossiers de nos clients !

🇬🇧 Indeed she just joined our team to take care of all immigration matters.

By internalizing our immigration services, we offer more flexibility and efficiency and reactivity!

Violette completed a LLM in Labour Law with a specialization in workers mobility. She later won her spurs in one of the biggest international immigration agency. As well as in another big agency specialized in international mobility.

She is not only an expert in immigration but she excels in accelerating file processing in French administrations. Moreover she also masters in obtaining emergency appointments at the prefecture and at the consulate. Nothing gets past her because she fights tooth and nail for our clients!

50 Google reviews with 4.9 stars !

50 Google reviews with 4.9 stars !

🚀 50 Google reviews for SOFIME Relocation 🚀

SOFIME Relocation has reached 50 Google reviews with 4.9 stars !
Client satisfaction is essential at SOFIME Relocation. That is why we try to provide the best possible client experience.
To that end, your reviews are precious to us. Not only do they reward the efforts of our collaborators, but they also act as a booster for improvement for all of us.
Thank you, dear clients, for these constructive and warm reviews.
If you are interested, you can read them here -> 

🇬🇧Paris: is the COVID-19 rent price fall durable?

Paris: is the COVID-19 rent price fall durable?In the course of 2021, studies showed that real estate searches for Paris dropped significantly. Areas such as Brittany for instance were on a high rise. One could think that since Parisians were “deserting” the capital for more green or blue, the housing market should have been more accessible to those who decided to stay or those who chose to settle there.

Well, that did not happen… or at least only temporarily. Surprisingly, rent prices in Paris have never been higher than they are now!

It all started with a promising trend for tenants. Indeed, rental prices suffered their first decrease in over 20 years during the first and second lockdown in 2020. A lot of people were traumatized being locked-in for months in their tiny apartments. And decided to leave the City of Lights to find bigger ones or even houses, that they could never even dream of having in Paris. This had a strong effect on provincial rental markets, bringing consequently local rent prices up. 

However, looking at the bigger picture, the “COVID decrease” in Paris was nothing compared to the 26% rise of the 10 past years…

Moreover, since life has taken its (almost) normal course again, rents have risen consequently in Paris to compensate the losses that some landlords had to put up with for nearly a whole year. 

In rent-capped areas, such as Paris and some close suburbs, the maximum price paid for a meter square is set by local authorities. That is how they prevent soaring prices. But even those have risen in average by 1,5%. Rents are rising in all arrondissements, and the line becomes thinner and thinner in terms of price differences. Indeed, a lot of popular / peripherical areas display big jumps, showing a smothering trend on prices.

Additionally, since COVID restrictions are fewer, foreigners and expats are coming back to Paris as company transfers start again. And we can definitely witness that they are adding up to the pool of an already very strong demand. Even if they usually stay away from vibrant / popular areas and turn to safe bets, such as the West of Paris. 

All in all, it seems that the Parisian rental market is reaching again a balance. And it is now confirmed that, unfortunately, tenants’ hopes were illusory. And that eventually, rents will remain extremely high in Paris…

2021 –> 2022 = a new year in numbers 🎉

🇫🇷 Toute l’équipe de SOFIME Relocation (Sophie, Agathe, Alexandra, Mariam, Bérengère et Armance) vous souhaite une belle année 2022, en vidéo, via notre désormais traditionnel film de fin d’année ! Après les montagnes russes de 2020, puis le petit train de la mine de 2021, à quoi va finalement ressembler 2022? Pour l’instant chez SOFIME Relocation, nous sommes bien engagées sur la grande roue! En effet nous prenons de la hauteur doucement mais surement. Et la vue est très appréciable!
Vous souhaitez voir la vidéo de 2021? Alors c’est par ici ! Et celle de 2020? C’est par là!
🇬🇧 The whole team of SOFIME Relocation (Sophie, Agathe, Alexandra, Mariam, Bérengère and Armance) wishes you a happy new year 2022, through our traditional end of the year video ! After the rollercoaster of 2020, and then the small mine train of 2021, what will 2022 eventually look like? For the moment, SOFIME Relocation is well embarked upon the big wheel! Indeed we rise slowly but surely. And the view is rather pleasant!
You wish to see the 2021 video? Here it is ! And the one from 2020? Just right there !

🇬🇧 100% of 5 stars Google reviews !

100% of 5 stars Google reviews !

We just hit 30 Google reviews ! 100% of 5 stars Google reviews for SOFIME Relocation, in other words our clients satisfaction is at its highest.
Thank you all for your warm messages!
It is true we throw ourselves at 200% into each of our missions, as it is our passion. Most importantly, all your messages are going straight to our hearts ! It is gratifying and moreover it boosts our involvement and determination, always to provide the best of services to our clients! Hence, you can fully trust SOFIME Relocation to be your best ally through your relocation to France.


🇬🇧 2021 = big + changes for SOFIME !

March comes with twists and turns at SOFIME Relocation, and it’s all for the best!
The SOFIME team is in full transformation 🙂

  • First, Agathe will be away for a few months for the best of news because she welcoming a baby! See you next summer !
  • Second, Joana, our new recruit, just joined SOFIME Relocation! Multilingual and full of spirit, we are welcoming her warmly this month.
  • And third, Alexandra just moved to Switzerland, to follow her husband. However there is a but, and a good but! Indeed she continues working for SOFIME Relocation… from there! Those last months have convinced us that home office and efficiency go hand in hand, when properly organized. Yet… she will regularly come back to deal with some missions, because she already misses fieldwork!

As you probably understood, the SOFIME team is coping great with unexpected events!
In a bit more than one year, we have welcomed in our team 4 collaborators, with complementary skills and personalities, which are backing our growth and development with passion.

Sophie, Diane and Alice are sticking by their daily job, always ready to handle new missions: for them, change is not for now!


Avec MOBILI-PASS®, la recherche de logement ne vous coûtera rien !

Saviez-vous que les étudiants en alternance sont éligibles à l’aide MOBILI-PASS® ?

Bon à savoir quand on sait à quel point il est difficile de se loger lorsqu’on démarre sa vie professionnelle ! Cette aide prend la forme d’une subvention. Elle permet de financer une part substantielle des frais liés à la prestation d’une agence de relocation. Cela vaut pour la recherche de logement, mais aussi pour la réalisation de démarches administratives et l’assistance à l’installation.

     Chez SOFIME Relocation, nous faisons appel au MOBILI-PASS® pour nos expats qui arrivent de l’étranger, pour les salariés mutés d’une région à l’autre. Mais cela marche aussi pour les alternants ! Grâce à notre réseau et notre expertise, les dossiers des alternants sont valorisés et plus facilement acceptés 😉

     Les conditions pour en bénéficier ? C’est simple !
– L’entreprise doit faire partie du secteur privé, et employer plus de 10 salariés.
– La nouvelle résidence doit se situer à plus de 70 km de l’ancienne / ou bien l’ancienne résidence doit se trouver à plus d’1h15 du nouveau lieu de travail.
Les cases sont vite cochées dans le cadre d’un changement de région / département, pour les étudiants qui montent sur la capitale afin de bénéficier de son dynamisme et mettre le pied à l’étrier !
Alors gardez-le bien en tête, les frais de relocation de vos alternants sont couverts par l’aide MOBILI-PASS® !

 →TIP: Et l’aide MOBILI-JEUNE®, vous connaissez?
     C’est une aide au logement pour les – de 30 ans qui permet de prendre en charge une partie du loyer (à hauteur de 100 euros) pendant la durée de l’alternance!

     Des questions ou interrogations sur ces aides?
L’équipe de SOFIME Relocation se fera un plaisir d’y répondre: !