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What can you do in Paris ?

That is the reason you like Paris : with friends, family, or even alone, there will always be something to do in Paris !

As summer gets closer, a lots of parks are adjusting their activities and you’ll especially be able to canoeing in le Bois de Vincennes.

If you like to party, know that the festivals season just started ! The Festival Rhizomes, in all the 18thparks are proposing world’s music concerts (Bresil, Mali, Reunion…).

You can also to the Jazz Festival all summer long at the  Parc floral, and the La Défense Jazz’s Festival, but also Rock en Seine, Lollapalooza, and also classic music at the festival Classique au vert, the Solistes à Bagatelle, the Festival Européen des jeunes talents

For those less roisterer this summer, the open air cinema at the parc de La Villette awaits you ! An open air theatre festival, the itinerant festival of the arènes de Montmartre : les Tréteaux nomades will take place under the sky of Paris.

The rest of the year, the numerous museums are proposing very diversified exhibitions, sometimes with special days or events (Nuit BlancheNuit des musées, fairs, performances…). In october, the famous fête des vendanges de Montmartre proposes shows, tastings, exhibitions and concerts ! The oktoberfestof Paris will also be back in october !

If you are the athletic kind, or a sports enthusiast, meetings do exists, summer like winter !

Marathons : Le Marathon de Paris, the 20km de Paris, the Color run Paris, La Parisienne

Festivals and sports competitions : the martial arts festival, the numerous hippiques races of the Hippodrome Longchamp…