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🇬🇧 2021 = big + changes for SOFIME !

March comes with twists and turns at SOFIME Relocation, and it’s all for the best!
The SOFIME team is in full transformation 🙂

  • First, Agathe will be away for a few months for the best of news because she welcoming a baby! See you next summer !
  • Second, Joana, our new recruit, just joined SOFIME Relocation! Multilingual and full of spirit, we are welcoming her warmly this month.
  • And third, Alexandra just moved to Switzerland, to follow her husband. However there is a but, and a good but! Indeed she continues working for SOFIME Relocation… from there! Those last months have convinced us that home office and efficiency go hand in hand, when properly organized. Yet… she will regularly come back to deal with some missions, because she already misses fieldwork!

As you probably understood, the SOFIME team is coping great with unexpected events!
In a bit more than one year, we have welcomed in our team 4 collaborators, with complementary skills and personalities, which are backing our growth and development with passion.

Sophie, Diane and Alice are sticking by their daily job, always ready to handle new missions: for them, change is not for now!