Social security & administrative formalities

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Social Security enrollment

We assist you in setting up social beneficits as Social Security and CAF enrollment.
After 10 years involvment in administration procedures, we now have some strong network with those administrations.



Bank Account

Opening a bank account in France is not easy if the employee has no address.
SOFIME Relocation, thanks to its networks, is able to offer this opportunity before getting an address in France though several banks.



Exchange of driving licences/ application for vehicule registration (cartes grises)

The expatriate driving in France will probably have to exchange his driving licence before the end of the first year living in France (with some conditions)

SOFIME Relocation helps in that process :

  • checking if the requirements for the exchange are fullfilled
  • setting up the file to do the exchange
  • accompanying the expat to the prefecture to apply

In the same way, if he arrive with his own car, the expatriate will have to apply to the franch carte grise. We will help him in that process too.



Tax Issue

SOFIME Relocation provides a full range of services regarding tax issues :

  • Welcome Tax Meeting to explain the French tax system to the expatriate. It will point out responsibilities and duties in France. We will provide a 12-months assistance for answering any question regarding taxes.
  • SOFIME Relocation offers the expatriate assistance for his/her income tax declaration as well as advise on optimisation as far as possible.
  • After leaving France, We can also assist the expatriate until the end of the tax resident period.