The Mobili-Pass ® grant

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The Mobili-Pass ® grant is a financial grant which covers the fees of a relocation agency for a home search, in the frame of professional mobility.


Who can benefit from it?

  • Any employee, French or foreigner
  • Any student doing a block release training, a professional contract, or an apprenticeship


What are the conditions to benefit from it?

  • Work in a French company of more than 10 employees, whose headquarters are in France.
  • Being transferred or recently employed
  • Being employed for at least 9 months (with or without probation period)
  • The new home address must be at least 70 kilometres away from the original address, or the commute from the original home address to the new workplace must be more than 1h15 long
  • Not having used already the Mobili-Pass ® grand in the past 2 years
  • Request this grant in the 6 months following the mobility event