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We take care of all the formalities linked to the departure from France of an expatriate :


  • Termination of the rental lease
  • Organization of a pre check-out in order to evaluate with the expatriate everything that must be done so as to optimize the reimbursement of the deposit
  • Termination of the home insurance contract, as well as the water, gas, mobile phone, Internet contracts.
  • Returning of the equipment to the providers (Internet box)
  • Organization and management of a professional cleaning
  • Organization of the check-out with the landlord / estate agency
  • Return of keys
  • Negociation with the landlord / estate agency about the reimbursement of the deposit + its follow up (according to the legal time frame)
  • Setting up a mail forwarding contract
  • Informing tax authorities about the departure if applicable
  • Advising about closing bank accounts