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The home search is a key step for a successful relocation. A happy family often goes hand to hand with a happy employee, who will be efficient in his new job right away. SOFIME Relocation offers a tailor-made assistance to facilitate relocation through the following services :  


Look and see trip

It is the first key step in the accompanying process of international mobility!
For the relocated employee who does not know the area, this service is very helpful we spend a day (or half a day) together to show his future living environment : Inside / outside the town, targeted areas, presentation of the type of building / appartments / houses available in the area, spots of interests etc. During that day, we will explain daily life in the area (transport system, banks, health system, shopping, schools etc.). 


At the end of the day, we hand over a welcome pack which will help the expat to get familiar with French / parisian life, and which explains the rules of rentals in France and in Paris. 

From the standpoint of the company, this day can also be decisive in order to convince a collaborator to accept a job proposition in France!


Home Search and housing formalities

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the French real estate market and our network of partners, SOFIME Relocation accompanies the posted employee in his search :

- The relocated employee will first fill in a survey available on our app Easyrelo, explaining his criteria of search, and will be able to plan there a call with us.
- Thanks to the first contact call, we will define his/her needs together and answer his/her questions in order to organize his/her relocation. This will be the opportunity to set up a D-day for the home search visits day.
- The relocation consultant will then search and select properties meeting the criteria, prepare and organizing the visits schedule, before submitting the selected apartments to the expat.
- On the D-day, we will visit together all the selected apartments, and show around the areas they are located in.
- We will give our pieces of advice and objective opinion based on the criteria, and potentially plan re-visits if possible 
- We will then book the apartment / house as well as organize the next steps (signature of the lease agreement, check-in inventory appointment etc…)
- If necessary, we will negotiate for repair work, landscaping or cleaning before the employee moves in
- We give assistance in signing the rental agreement, and check-in inventory 
- We subscribe for settling contracts such as electricity and gas, water, internet, house insurance


Finding a place to rent in Paris or the suburbs can be extremely difficult due to low offers and high demand. Apartments are often let within 24h/48h after the ads are published... There is not much room for negotiation, even to get a convenient time to visit, let alone if you are calling from far to try and reserve the place !
Thanks to a relocation agent, you will overcome those difficulties, and benefit from our reactivity and network. Thanks to its experience, SOFIME Relocation makes your arrival in France easier!


In average, it takes us 1 to 2 weeks to secure an apartment with a lease contract duly signed. You may need to allow a bit more time to move in, in case the place is not available right away.
Asking us to sort it all out for you will be your guarantee for a smooth relocation.


Tempory Housing

SOFIME Relocation responds to specific requests from employees moving for a short term period, or in the wait of finding their definitive gem apartment, or for any other reasons. We can select for you a temporary furnished place (1 to 3 months) before your arrival.
- The relocated employee will first fill in a survey on our app Easyrelo, where he/she can plan a call with us
- During the first contact call, we will validate with him/her his requirements and needs.
- We will search and select availaible properties meeting the criteria
- We will send a list of selected links (around 10 depending on the brief), and ask to chose 2 or 3 favorites
- We will book the property and organise the next steps (signature of the lease agreement, check-in inventory etc…)



Final help before moving 

After the home search, or even before if needed, SOFIME Relocation can help the relocated employee and his family for settling in, depending on their needs. Thanks to our strong networks, we are able to face any type of situations. This in the end, what is expected from a relocation agency !

• Organizing the move

• Kitchen installation / handiwork

• Finding a handy man before the arrival for any type of work (plumber, painter etc.)
• Renting furniture for a temporary period
• Looking for a baby sitter or house cleaner
• Finding a kindergarden where English is spoken

• Looking for a French teacher / French lessons for adults 

• Receiving deliveries
• Finding a taxi accepting dogs, or providing baby seats etc.


Just ask !

We probably have the solution