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Happy New Year 2021 ​🥳 !

🇫🇷 Une année 2020 particulière, particulièrement chez SOFIME Relocation! Evidemment nous avons maintenu la barre coute que coute. Et nous avons tenu le cap. L’occasion ici de féliciter toute l’équipe de SOFIME Relocation. Car nous nous en sortons haut la main!  Cliquez sur la vidéo, pour un petit aperçu de notre année, et de l’atmosphère qui règne dans notre équipe.
Nous sommes experts de la relocation à Paris et en France depuis plus de 10 ans. Par conséquent, nous assurons tout service en lien avec la mobilité professionnelle. Et cela toujours avec le sourire!
🇬🇧 2020: a particular year, particularly at SOFIME Relocation! Undoubtedly we maintained the helm no matter the difficulties. Hence we stayed the course. As a consequence, we seize this occasion to congratulate the full team of SOFIME Relocation for their efforts. Because we came out on top! Please click on the video, in order to see a small preview of our year, as well as to get an idea of the atmosphere that prevails in our team.
We are experts in relocation in Paris and in France for over 10 years. Hence we offer any type of service linked to professional mobility, and always with a smile on!

The French (parisian) way of parking…

Just for fun as all my clients are amazed with that:

How do you recognize a real Parisian?

Answer: At his way of parking: Very easy. The space is not big enough? Where is the problem? Bing in front, bing in the back and parked they are…

Just spend one day with a relocation company, (SOFIME Relocation as an example?) visiting 8 to 10 apartments, parking 8 to 10 times, and you’ll get used to it…