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Customs around the world

Moving-in in another country also means discovering new cultures.

But how can we avoid making minstakes just by saying « hi » ?

Here is a little recap of the numerous historic customs and their evolution :

  • The « baise main », now forgotten, but once very popular in Europe and North America ; we also called it « le baise main à la française » !
  • Also left behind, in England and Cambodia, the « réverence » once was the formal way to say « hello ». It looked like the one that exists in Japan, where they bent forward.

Some countries  however weren’t afraid of being close :

  • For the « russian kiss », russians kissed each other on the mouth ! This habit is gone now.
  • In New Zealand, they use their noses and foreheads, and in Alaska, noses and mouths.
  • India and Nepal kept their famous Namasté.

Nowadays, if you come to France, get ready to practice « la bise » !

French people developped a physical proximity hile other countries that started with kisses and hugs like Russia finally chose to be more distant.