#10ansSOFIME – **Portrait 5 : Magdalena Gustafsson – a Swedish living in London moving to Paris !**

First time we met Magdalena was on Skype in January. Her smile and her “bonjour” pierced our screen!

Our first mission was to find a nice, cosy apartment for this young Swedish stylist coming from London. After a long day walking up and down multiple stairs in Montmartre, we stopped in a coffee shop with delicious coffee and pretty tea spoons and had a very nice chat before viewing the final flat! Magdalena told us later that “that was the point where I felt like this could definitely be my new neighbourhood”. She chose this last apartment, it is now her local coffee shop and she felt in love with this area of Paris.

When we asked Magdalena after few weeks how she felt in her new life, we found her answer hilarious and “so her”:


 “For me it was a little bit like moving to another neighbourhood in London apart from that I couldn’t understand people and I had to keep my eyes on the ground when walking, not to step in dog poo”


On a more personal point, Magdalena was my first « solo mission », I felt so lucky to take care of Magdalena and I will remember her for a long time! Agathe.