#10ansSofime Relocation- ** Second portrait : The Steinbach Family, a lovely human experience! **

As announced, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sofime Relocation, we wanted to share with you the story of 10 people that make these 10 years incredible.

Today let’s talk about the Steinback Family! If you missed our first portrait click here: Les visages de Sofime.


Mallory and Justin, a young Canadian couple, arrived in France in 2012 to follow a professional opportunity. They spent nearly six years in Paris and have been a clint of mine since the beginning of their adventure!

We took care of them from their arrival: immigration, home search, social security, driving license exchange. We built a real friendship. Messages here and there!

And then, the family has grown. They evolved from a couple, to a family with one child, and then they were blessed with triplets! No stress. “Allo Sophie?”. We intervened to help them in this new step: new home search, nursery search, CAF application…

A new job opportunity abroad popped up: “Allo Sophie?”. We organized their departure.

“Help Sophie, how do we do without you in Milan?”

We were so happy to take care of them at each step. We built a strong relation and we trusted each other all along.

Their +: their smiles in any situation


Sophie and Agathe