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Each nationality its request!

You work with expats ?

You better know their expectations in order to accompany them well… It is also our purpose as a relocation society… we don’t look at appartments the same way for americans, italiens, or germans !

Here are a few tips we noticed during our researches and missions with you…

Indians are lovely, very friendly, and they like the community way of life : they cook a lot, (miam miam spices !). A big fridge and gaz in the kitchen are often a must-have ! But also large beds, because their kids usually sleep with them. Finally, being collective also involves the heat, they like it collective as well. A true quest for collevtivity and sharing !

The italians, true romantics, are particulary attentive to their bathrooms : they want them renovated and, ideally, with a window.

They are the rare people to search for a bidet and toilets in their bathroom. For the rest, the light remains a must !

For the germans, the most important room of the appartment is frequently the kitchen ! A place of conviviality where they can prepare their meal and have a little beer at the same time.

The bath is a must have for a japanese expat, that is not even negociable ! Also, careful with the electric baloon, that will give you some cold showers if you stay too long in your shower… They also are looking for their rare and famous japanese bathroom, still not very popular in France !

Russans are looking for magnificence in decoration, in the view… They have to be stiking !
Finally, superstition or simple taste, chineses hate appartments with apparent beam.

What about us, french, what are we looking for, abroad ?